Soul Mates - A Psychic Love Affair

Soul Mates - A Psychic Love Affair

Author: Frank Mares

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 294

Language: English

Publisher: Createspace

Release Date: October 30, 2017

Description du Livre

A fun supernatural version of “Fifty Shades” where a sensual psychic falls into risky affair with a currently married past life soul mate. In his first book, “The Spirits Control your Love Life”, psychic Frank Mares showed how the Universe preplanned all his long-term love affairs to teach hard spiritual lessons. Unfortunately for him, love’s hard lessons continue after the events of his first book. Late in life, Frank (through his alter ego, Nick Furnese) finds himself almost unwillingly reunited with Megan, his now psychic ex-lover from 20 years ago. Megan was the love of his life and the girl “who got away.” The hero gets an unexpected second chance when a series of remarkable coincidences bring Nick and Megan back together even though she is married. As the lovers spend time together, the spirit world reveals that they are soul mates who had shared 12 past lives. To be finally together in this life, their spirit guides/guardian angels give them a very specific plan to follow. Unfortunately, the free-spirited Megan wants to do things her own way and Heaven’s closely timed plan spirals badly out of control.
What results is a freewheeling emotional roller coaster when Megan’s parasitic, womanizing husband discovers the affair and does everything in his power to stop it. Reminiscent of a divine comedy, the lovers’ deceased relatives become a wisecracking “Greek chorus” cheering on the fumbling couple as they try to reunite. As the spirit of Nick’s deceased father remarks, “Your drama is better than Peyton Place!” At the end of this adventure, you will know whether you should search for your soulmate or to run as far away as you can.

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