Make The Cut

Make The Cut

Author: Harley Tate

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 230

Language: English

Description du Livre

After the unthinkable, how far would you go to find your family?

Lainey, Keith, and Bear have survived a nuclear explosion and a tortuous escape from LA. With no leads as to her family’s whereabouts, Lainey is stymied. The reporter in her craves information; she’s not used to making decisions in the dark.

Without any news, would you still have hope?

When Keith suggests they head to her sister’s intended destination, Lainey agrees despite her gnawing fear. The trek out of California is harder than either of them expect. By the time they reach the border, neither are optimistic about the journey.

Hard choices will be made and lives lost.

Thanks to a lucky encounter in a small, rural town, Lainey finally uncovers the information she’s been seeking. But weeks into the apocalypse, the border with Canada is fraught with danger. It will take all their strength to make it across alive and reunite with the family Lainey is desperate to find.

The attack is only the beginning.

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