The Color of Love

The Color of Love

Author: Kimberly Rae Jordan

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 364

Language: English

Publisher: Three Strand Press

Release Date: April 08, 2020

Description du Livre

She is ready to fall in love, but heartbreak seems inevitable when the first man that captures her attention is one who cannot stay.

Single and nice…those were the only two requirements Sarah McNamara had for any man she’d consider dating. So why is she even remotely drawn to the new resident at the lodge? He isn’t overly friendly—aloof being a better description—and he is somewhat rude at times. But whenever she sees the man, her fingers itch to paint him, and everything within her wants to get past the walls he clearly has in place.

Banished to New Hope Falls after the spectacular implosion of his engagement to a socialite in Houston, Charles Beaumont Allerton is way out of his comfort zone and not at all happy about it. With his trust fund on the line, however, Beau knows that if he ever wants to have any sort of control over his life, he has to follow through on what his father has demanded of him.

Making the acquaintance of his maternal grandfather for the first time in his life, Beau is introduced to a different way of life in New Hope Falls. One without people at his beck and call. One without all the trappings he’s used to. And one that includes a woman with a warm smile, a friendly personality, and a faith that is foreign to him.

Sarah is different from the women in Beau’s social circle in Houston, which makes her intriguing to him. He won’t follow through on the draw he feels toward her, however, because his exile to New Hope is only for a month. He still has a year until he can claim his trust fund, and he can’t let anything deter him from that goal. Not even the beautiful woman who makes him want to smile more than he ever has before.

The Color of Love is book 3 of the Christian romance series, New Hope Falls. If you haven’t read book 1 yet, be sure to check it out: A Love So Real (ASIN: B07T58NPDR).

Welcome to the fictional town of New Hope Falls!

A sanctuary for those needing refuge.

A beacon for those who are lost.

A place for the hurting to call home.

Come for a visit and fall in love with New Hope Falls and its residents, both old and new.

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