A Fluttering of Wings

A Fluttering of Wings

Author: Destinee Hardwick

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160 pages

ISBN: 9780692210048

Published: June 19th 2014

I took off in a run, stopping on the other side of the trees. Where Atlantis had once stood was now nothing but water and the tops of buildings. Hands protruded from the water, along with bubbles and the horrid screams of the dying. A large group of humans stood on the bank laughing and pointing, as my brothers and sisters screamed for help. Anger flashed through my every pore in an instant, oozing out of my body. That was until I saw the castle jolt, then slam three stories into the water. Only the top story was left above... the story Athan was still on. Without thinking, I jumped onto the top of the nearest building. It jerked under my weight and sunk a little farther. Water swished over my bare foot and I screamed. I forced myself to leap onto the next building. I almost slipped, but gained my balance by grabbing another fairy's arm. She was only halfway above the water, and was far younger than me. Her eyes were desperate for help, her arms chained to the floor beneath her. She was stuck inside the building while I was hanging off the outside. I looked from her to castle, tears welling in my eyes. She stayed silent, letting go of my arm, and nodding for me to go. I jumped to the next building without looking back at her. She and I both knew she would be dead within the next few minutes. The building I was now on was longer, and closer to my destination. I was able to run the length of it and jump onto the side of the castle. I dug my claws into the marble and made my way into the window I had earlier flown out of. As soon as my feet hit the floor I began running to our room. I could hear his screams echoing through the halls. He was the only one on this floor. I probably could have made it through the water and to him a lot faster if I had flictated, but all I could think of was my husband chained to the floor awaiting his death.