Chariot 3: Conception

Chariot 3: Conception

Author: R.C. Albertini

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 295 pages

Language: English

Published: May 27 2020

An alternate cover edition can be found here.

What if the future of Earth was hidden on its past?

Once 4 individuals are suddenly summoned to join Chariot 3 – a recently born spaceship – on a last minute mission to investigate the strange appearance of a mysterious black hole, they discover that there is much more behind their assignment than what they were told by the Nibirian Space Agency.

Spared from the truth and surrounded by a past of unsolved conspiracies, as they progress, Captain Shon Shoffer, V-Nus, and the rest of his crew are forced to choose between completing their mission or returning home.

On an unstoppable quest to grant a future to a race other than their own, the Nibirian crew fights against the Greys in an explosive pursuit through space and time.

Divided amongst fiction and reality, R.C. Albertini brings an exciting thriller to life in a fascinating blend of science, history and religion in a way never seen before.